Synthetic Roofing- The Eco-Friendly Choice for Gamers

If you’re looking to build an eco-friendly home for your gaming environment, look no further than synthetic roofing. Synthetic? We know, sounds counter-intuitive. But composite tile roofing is actually one of the most environmentally-friendly options modern home builders can make.

While new roof materials drain natural resources and often break early-on after installation, synthetic roofing lasts a lifetime and is made from entirely recycled material. Consumers agree that the roofing maintains its natural appeal while also achieving beyond-expected durability ratings. Available online from providers like Brava Tile, check out the top features of this product and what makes it the best choice for your sustainable new home.

synthetic roofs for homes

Made From Recycled Material

These composite slate tiles, barrel tiles, and shake roof systems are made entirely from recycled polymer materials. Meaning, quarries are not further exploited or natural resources further used-up in the process. The manufacturing of natural resources can be very draining on the environment, and choosing this cost-effective solution is a decision you can feel good about. Check out some of the reasons this new roofing is one of the best solutions on the market.

Lasts Longer

Longer-lasting material means less replacement and repair, which in turn means less resources used to upkeep your home. This composite roofing comes with a 50 year warranty and often receives higher fire, water, and wind ratings than natural alternatives, meaning you can rest assured that your new roof won’t require any maintenance in the foreseeable future.

Doesn’t Drain Resources

Authentic slate tile, wood shake tile, and barrel tile roofs are taking their toll on the environment. Exploiting quarries and other natural resources is how most of these materials are made, and the process is anything but eco-friendly. By avoiding this exploitation of resources you are doing the environment a favor, and guaranteeing that the materials you order arrive in one piece, as slate and stone often get damaged during the delivery process.

Doesn’t Require Extra Resources

Heavy slate and clay tiles often require extra building and construction time to support their weight, meaning additional cost and resources being used in the creation of your home. Expenses pile up quickly and often unexpectedly, as many individual builders might not realize the extra structural support needed for these natural materials. Fortunately the lightweight nature of composites means you can count on a quick and easy installation, guaranteed.

Doesn’t Produce Waste

It can be hard (and often impossible) to know the exact amount of tile you’ll need for your home. Meaning, the natural resources supplying this material are often over-exploited even as some of these materials don’t make it to the roof of your home. The typical process of using natural materials amounts to a lot of waste, unlike the process of using composite which is more exact. Builders can count on exact quantities of the composite roofing needed, and even if some doesn’t make it into the final project, you can feel good about the sustainable material being reused elsewhere.

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